Reverend Patricia Clark

Hi there and welcome to my website.

Many years ago when my life seemed to be falling apart, I discovered the writings of art therapist, Dr. Lucia Capacchione. Through her gentle process of illustrating my feelings through childlike scribbles and dialogues, I was able not only to stand tall, but also to thrive. Doors opened for me.

The tools I learned from her can help anyone. I can show you how.

In working with people for more than ten years, I have helped others manifest the desire of their hearts through collage, expressive arts, prayer and journaling, often on retreats. The process will work with any age, regardless of their spirituality or lack thereof. Anyone who is open to following their own inner guidance will benefit. If one desires his or her world to change, it must begin with oneself. This gentle process helps a person do that, and I stand in the wings as facilitator, friend and guide.

Kindergarten Art